Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell etchings?

No, we do not sell etchings. We do not provide links to where you can get etchings, nor do we profess to know anything about the etching process. We do however find the art form beautiful and appreciate the skill of those who can produce them.

So why did you buy the domain

The name etchings had a personal implication that seemed perfect for the initial vision for the future of the owners of this domain. Although that vision may have changed with time, the personal attachment is still there. Numerous sites have names that have a tertiary connection to their content. is an example. Although you may find jungle music, books on the amazon and dvds and videos about the rainforest there, no one expects that you will learn about the rainforest by merely going to the site.

Is the domain for sale?


So why is this site here then?

Because we wanted to add our small voices to the overall noise of the internet. We wanted our niche. The beauty of the internet is that everyone can be screaming at the top of their lungs, yet you can still discover that some girl in Ireland has the same taste in music as you do. We find those simple, elegant human connections invaluable for making us all love the world more and making it seem an accessible place.

These don't answer my question, can I contact you?

If you think you need to contact us because you believe our answer to any of the above questions has changed, I assure you that they have not.